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A Simple Life (A Female Direction)

A Simple Life (A Female Direction)

Direction Ann Hui
Length 118 min
Genre Drama
Cast Andy Lau, Deanie Ip
Country Honk Kong
Language Cantonese

In this third edition of A Female Direction we will screen the highly acclaimed A Simple Life (2012). Prior to the screening, our curator will give a talk about the powerful director Ann Hui.

A Simple Life is based on the true story of servant Chung Chun Tao and her young boss Roger Lee. Tao was sent to the Lee family at the age of thirteen to work for them as "amah", a combination as a servant and child. For more than sixty years - four generations - she took care of the children and the household in the Lee home. When Tao falls ill, Roger decides to give something back as a thanks for the years of care and love that Tao has given to the family.