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New Lights #1: Sandberg

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New Lights #1: Sandberg

Regie VA
Blokken 19:00 - 20: 20 | 20:30 - 21:25
Genre Documentaire
Cast VA
Land Nederland
Taal Engels
Moderatie Engels

Are you curious to see what local documentary talent has been working on? Grab a drink, get comfy in Amsterdam’s coziest cinema and meet local documentary makers. Hosted by FC Hyena, New Lights is an independent studio for experiments within the documentary film genre. For our first edition, we focus on new short films by students and recent graduates of the Sandberg Instituut. The screenings are followed by short Q&A’s with the filmmakers Asja Keeman, Valerie van Zuijlen, Alice dos Reis, Rowena Buur and Juan Arturo Garcia.

New Lights: Sandberg Edition

1. Rowena Buur - Without hope I have no dreams (2019) 10-15’ (work in progress)
Synopsis: Eight years ago, Rowena broke contact with their dad, who was struggling with an alcohol addiction and did not have a stable place to live in. After eight years, Rowena and her father try establish contact again and try to build up a new relationship. Is it possible to leave the past behind and create new memories together?

Bio: Rowena Buur (29) (their/them) is a non-binary, queer artivist who uses their design practice as a method to express anger, fear and fantasy. It is a way to deal with reality.

2. Asja Keeman - Ecology of Wounds (2018) 12’
Synopsis: An experimental art movie that shows how our asymmetrical relationship with nature causes geological harm. Drawing an analogy between nature and the human body, Asja Keeman compares a forest that has borne human destruction with an intimate account of pain caused by self-harm. Using the wound as a metaphor, she recounts how enduring pain inflicted through self-harm is a means of gaining control. With this work, Asja implies that similar mechanisms underlie the destructive relationship we have with nature.

Bio: Asja Keeman is a Dutch Graphic Designer and Artistic Researcher. Her work questions social and political situations worldwide. She uses analogies as a tool to talk about social and political situations in a more human aspect. By using analogies she hopes to make the topics easier to relate to and make them part of the spectator’s immediate world.

3. Alice do Reis - Mood Keep (2018) 14’
Synopsis: Mood Keep follows the collective decision of axolotls in captivity to develop eyelids as a part of their biology. Axolotls are water salamanders with regenerative abilities who refuse to metamorphose into maturity. The film, set in a near future or recent past charts the intersections between the axolotl post-colonial history, unique - almost unearthly - biology, and recent online popularity as one of the world’s cutest creatures.

Bio: Alice dos Reis is an Amsterdam-based artist working with film, text and sculpture. In 2018, she graduated from a Masters in Fine Art from the Sandberg Instituut as a grantee of the Gulbenkian Foundation Grant for Arts Marsters and Research. In her recent work she has been researching between cuteness, non-human animals and interface-myth in political systems.

4. Valerie Van Zuijlen - Terrarium (2019) 6’
Synopsis: NEW YORK– 3600 miles apart from my home in Amsterdam. A physical measurement in distance between me and my family, in which technology plays an affordable role in order to remain a form of daily communication, both in speech, sound and visuals, through the use of telecommunication software such as Skype or FaceTime. Ever so intimacy in relationship to the actual, opposed to the virtual, gets lost. Most of all the missing out of physical communication, or the essence of being present in the same physical space. As for that the main question consists of the ability to create a sense of intimacy through the use of technology and the accessible communication Networks that are available today.

Bio: Valerie Van Zuijlen is originally from Amsterdam. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in design, film and propaganda called “Shadow Channel” at the Sandberg Institute, and a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies at NYU TISCH. In her work, the artist deals with notions of family, home, the role of contemporary media in geopolitics.