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The Goddess Project

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The Goddess Project

Regie Holli Rae, Sara Landas
Duur 90 min.
Genre Documentaire
Cast -
Land VS
Taal Engels

Documentaire gemaakt door twee vrouwen die het diepe verlangen hadden om de vrouwelijke stem te laten horen. In een oude schoolbus reden zij door de Verenigde Staten, en spraken met meer dan honderd vrouwen uit alle denkbare leefwijzen.

In the summer of 2012, we sold everything we owned and packed our lives into a mini school bus to create the movie we had always dreamt of; a film that showcased the multifaceted experiences of women across America. 

 Although neither of us had ever made a feature-length film before, we decided to set our fears aside and spend 6 months traveling from coast to coast interviewing other women who were doing the same.

It only took a couple of weeks being on the road to realize that living out of a bus during the hot summer was going to be a lot more challenging than we had anticipated. The vehicle itself had about 6x10 feet of living space and none of the amenities we had grown accustomed to in our daily lives. All we had was our camera equipment, a bed, two drawers for our clothes, a cabinet to hold dry food, and a cutting board that doubled as a desk. Most of our showers consisted of baby wipes and we spent a lot of time peeing in cups if there wasn’t a bathroom nearby. We also went from taking public transportation everyday to learning how to fuel and operate a veggie-oil-powered school bus practically overnight. All while meeting and filming women, editing interviews, and finding a new place to park our home every night. Each day we faced new challenges but continued to keep driving with the knowing in our hearts that our intuitions would guide the way.